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Places that You Will Love if You Need a Food Vacation

Nothing is as good as a food vacation and especially forgetting more about your food diet so that you are able to enjoy food in your current destination. In order for your vacation to be worth it, food is always part of the experience and you can go for something traditional or try out something new. In case you are a serious food traveler, some of the food destinations that you need to try out are briefly highlighted below.

New Orleans, Louisiana should be your first destination if you are looking for food like Creole or Cajun flavored dishes as well as Jambalaya or Gumbo. The city is also famous for food centric festivals like the Creole festival, BBQ festival as well as the Crescent City Blues Festival. Regardless of the food that you are having, there is a unique and distinct taste southern spin that chefs put on the food to ensure that it is delicious.

When visiting Italy, the real charm is where the tourist hot spots are and especially if you go to Venice Italy. Consider choosing food that tantalizes your palates since there is a variety of food that you need to try out while here. Some of the foods that you should try out range from the local seafood favorite, sit canal side with a glass of wine as well as a plate of crudoat Trattoria Antiche Carampane.

If you are looking for great fish dishes then Tokyo, Japan should be on your list when it comes to food destinations. Going to the Tsukiji fish market is a great tradition especially if you go to this place before dawn. One of the popular restaurants is the Sushi Dai which helps you to see as the tuna action unfolds and you also get the chance to eat the freshest Sushi.

Should you be in California then San francisco is the ideal place that you should consider visiting for various cuisines both in high end restaurants as well as the local one. Using locally grown ingredients is one of the reasons why meals in this city stand out and it is something that the culinary community has strongly embraced. Apart from the good food and the farmers market, this destination is also known for the Napa valley wine tour which is something that you should take part in when you are in this area.

Hangzhou, China should be one of the destinations on your list if you are looking to have some Chinese cuisine. In most cases, the dragon well is usually on the pricier side part in the end it is definitely worth it. Being one of the popular restaurants, Dragon will ensure that you experience organic and centuries old of cooking tradition which will help to change your entire outlook on Chinese food and for more info.one can click these homepage.