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Types of Casting Materials

A good number of people appreciate substances that have been shaped in a specific manner with the use of mold. This is basically casting. You will find that there are numerous metals that can actually be used when casting. These materials have been used for the longest period of time. You will find that such materials will be used for industrial applications in most cases. A few of the most notable ones include the following.

There is the iron casting. This can come in the form of either gray iron or ductile iron casting. There are so many times that you will note that industrial manufacturing appreciate the use of gray iron casing. They are defined by both their strength and versatility. This is what has contributed to its immense popularity within the market. It is quite easy to machine it as well as test its quality. This can easily be achieved even without involving any intrusive method. Most of the times, they will be fashioned in a way that meets certain requirements. It is quite appropriate for a number of applications. In most cases, such will include items that seek to have a high strength to weight ratios. They are known to be quite cost effective especially when produced in large volumes. Ductile iron casting is much appreciated when it comes to processes that require more strength. It is much more used in situations where there is a higher wear resistance. It is even cheaper than gray iron castings.

We then have aluminum casting. It is much appreciated due to its strength and versatility. It is an adaptable substance that anyone will appreciate working with. It has a very high corrosion resistance as well as thermal conductivity. This metal has great mechanical properties and strength even at high temperatures. This is what makes it a favorite for both die and permanent casting. It can also be used on lost foam casting. Steel is known to have similar traits. It is more appreciated for use on parts that are likely to suffer more wear and tear. In pursuit of improving its heat resistance, steel will often be mixed with either iron or nickel.

Copper is also a preferred material in metal casting. This is as a result of its improved electrical conductivity qualities. This is what makes so many industries to prefer it for electrical components. It has both excellent malleability and great ductility. It does conduct heat too very well. There are times that it will however have to be mixed with zinc so as to avoid formation of any internal cavities. You will note that zinc has a very low melting point too.

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